What Makes a Great Leader

Recently I was in a conversation about what qualities define a great leader.  After contributing my thoughts to the conversation, I thought they were worth sharing with you too.  Here are some of the qualities I believe define a great leader. Ability to Stay the Course We are living in … Read More

What Dancing Taught Me About Slowing Down

Birgitt Williams is fond of cautioning people to “go slow to go fast”. This is true in any learning experience or intentional change effort. Those of us who work with Genuine Contact know that by slowing down at the beginning and carefully creating the foundation for any new project, it … Read More

Leadership Development vs Leader Development

It is helpful to consider what is commonly called ‘leadership training’ as actually being ‘leader training’.There is a difference, especially regarding application of leadership, and it matters.Recently I met with a well seasoned ‘Leadership Development’ trainer. She is deeply dedicated to the development of people, and has devoted her career to … Read More