Our Organization is a Learning Playground

The International Genuine Contact Organization (GCO) offers incredible learning opportunities for our members and people interested in the Genuine Contact way of working. You are invited to join us in this learning playground. To practice your skills as you learn more about Genuine Contact.

Since 2001, people from around the world have worked together and learned together in Genuine Contact. Our members have been using the Genuine Contact community and organization as an idea incubator - applying what we've learned in the GC Program to further develop our skills, testing out new processes and facilitation activities, and mentoring each other along the way.

You're Invited to Get Involved!

Ready to come and play in this learning playground? There are 3 easy ways to get involved!

Learning Through Workshops

Upcoming Trainings & Events

Members of our Genuine Contact Organization host a variety of in-person and online workshops and events including Genuine Contact Program Workshops for your foundational learning, Genuine Contact Based Trainings & Events to deepen your learning in applying the Genuine Contact way of working, and Mentoring Circles for ongoing learning and retention. Workshops are offered in-person and online and in a variety of languages worldwide. Check your membership hub for discounts on upcoming programs from many of our Trainers.
Learning through Mentoring

Monthly GCO Meetings

These monthly meetings offer an opportunity for us to gather together in real-time to attend to the growth and development of Genuine Contact, the Genuine Contact Program, and the International Genuine Contact Organization. The monthly agenda is co-created based on emerging issues and opportunities, so you can always post a topic close to your heart and mind. Topics about the organization and also for your own work. Mentor and be mentored in what it means to work in a GCO - skills and experiences to take with you in your own work.
Learning By Doing

Working Together in the GCO

The International Genuine Contact Organization is a strategy-focused organization, with our members working together to expand the capacity of the organization and its members to spread Genuine Contact in the world. We work together using our Genuine Contact tools and processes to further refine our skills in this way of working. Our work is volunteer-led and there's almost always a project on the go that will suit your personal and/or professional development goals. Find current projects that will grow your skills.
Supporting Your Business

GC Power Hours

Leading a small business can sometimes feel lonely. These Power Hours are an opportunity to get together with other coaches, consultants, and facilitators for a focused hour of working individually...but together. We practice the art of "segment intending" as taught in the Individual Health and Balance workshop, helping each other to hold the intention. Each one-hour session has a theme that supports you in getting work done that might be "falling off the side of your desk" as you push it aside for more urgent activities.

Other Ways to Get Involved. Customize your Learning Experience.

You'll find other ways to get involved inside your membership hub. Not a member yet? You can learn more about membership and sign up here.

The GCO is committed to being a learning playground for our members. If you have a new idea about ways we can learn and grow together, contact the membership team for guidance and support in getting started.