The International Genuine Contact Organization is a strategy focused organization, with our members working together to expand the capacity of the organization and its members to spread Genuine Contact in the world. Our members work together within 5 key areas of focus.

Have Another Idea?

Members of our organization have long worked on passion projects - both together inside our organization as well as together as a private venture. If you have an idea for something that will deepen your experiences with the Genuine Contact way of working or will support the GCO in its work, there is always space available for you to make it happen.

Ready to move ideas into action?

You are recommended to check with the Leadership Management Team or Membership Team to see if anyone else is already working on something similar. If you'd like the GCO to support your efforts, you'll definitely need to be in touch.

Otherwise, so long as your idea fits within the Foundational Givens for Genuine Contact and the Operating Givens for the GCO, you are welcome to get started!