Clients of Genuine Contact Professionals

Genuine Contact Professionals around the world support courageous leaders who are ready to make a difference in organizations - theirs or the clients they serve.

Addressing business challenges, executing strategy, and marketing and customer loyalty have always been issues leaders needed to figure out. And always will be.

In these rapidly changing times, where the modern-day business environment is asking not just for profits, but also for care of people and the planet, new and emergent capacities are needed.  Maintaining integrity in the face of greater public scrutiny, navigating uncertainty while retaining employee confidence, and ensuring a healthy and balanced organizational culture must all be focused on too.

GC Professionals work with you in these ways and more.

Leaders – Managers – Executive

The Genuine Contact program has a simplicity that is suitable for complex situations and decisions. People in the organization are involved in the visions and challenges of its future and invited to a space where they can create results. Genuine Contact Professionals work with you as consultants, facilitators or coaches to support you in best achieving your business goals.  We offer in-house trainings and consulting where leaders and teams will be able to grow and build their own capacities for leadership and organizational developments in a complete systems-thinking way.

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Facilitators – Consultants – Coaches

Whether you are a long-time facilitator, a business consultant, a trainer or a coach, the Genuine Contact program offers a way to learn how to work in organizations in a flexible, collaborative and resilient way. This is more than just learning a new set of tools. It is a whole systems approach to working with organizations. Working this way allows you to better support your clients to supercharge the work being done, using simple but very effective means that lead to genuine contact. Our methods are designed to complement and support what you are already doing, not replace them.

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