Genuine Contact Advanced Skill Building Workshops

The Advanced Skill Building Workshops of the Genuine Contact program focus on implementing a new operating platform and developing a culture of leadership. Change is brought about by highly participative meetings as a supporting and driving force. The workshops are designed for leaders, consultants, and facilitators who need means of finding optimal organizational solutions in ways that are fast, simple and duplicable.  Using these skills results in the development of the Genuine Contact Organization, a highly engaged organization that sustains performance even in periods of rapid change.

The skill-building workshops will take you deeply into understanding how to use simple but effective tools to work with complex environments and situations.

Advanced Skill Building Workshops

There are 4 workshops included in the Advanced Skill Building Workshops.  Each workshop is designed to teach a specific set of skills and capacities you can begin using right away in your organization or in your consulting or coaching practice.  Some workshops can be taken as stand-alone modules while others require pre-requisites for participation.

Working with Open Space Technology
A highly participative method for large group meetings, that when used frequently shifts the culture in the organization. You will learn to facilitate OST meetings.  The Genuine Contact Program offers a special focus of nestling the OST meeting within a robust framework including planning meetings and debrief and accountability meetings to make optimal use of the OST meeting results for the benefit of the organization.

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Whole Person Process Facilitation
A meeting method is more guided while still offering maximum choice and freedom to participants. It is congruent in values to Open Space Technology. WPPF invites the whole person to be present in the meeting and use his or her full wisdom and potential to find the solutions that are needed.

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Cross Cultural Conflict Resolution
Works from the perspective that underneath the diversity, all humans have some things in common. The workshop supports your contact with yourself and your beliefs about conflicts and provides a design for conflict resolution from a perspective of universal needs and understandings. (While not required, it is recommended to take the OST and WPPF workshops first).

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Genuine Contact Organization
An operating system to foster a solution-focused base and achieve sustainable peak performance for a living organization. It provides patterns of simple, elegant processes that can handle and benefit from all the complexity within and outside the organization. It also provides a nourishing environment in which the human spirit can flourish creatively and fulfill its potential. Solutions come from the collective genius and passion of the organization’s existing human resources, generating the energy to implement them in the process. A culture of leadership results as does an ongoing interconnected learning organization. (pre-requisites: Working with Open Space Technology and Whole Person Process Facilitation).

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What's Next?

Workshops are offered at locations around the world and online. Check out our upcoming events calendar to find options for the workshop you are interested in at a location, language and time that best suits you.