The International Genuine Contact Organization is of and for its members. We value continued learning in the Genuine Contact way of working and living. One of the ways that we can all continue learning together is through participation in our organization. Our intention is that through this participation, you feel supported in working with Genuine Contact and support you in spreading Genuine Contact in world.

Here’s how you can make the most of your membership.


Participating in the International Genuine Contact Organization offers you incredible learning opportunities. Opportunities worth their weight in gold.

As you complete your learning in different Genuine Contact Program modules, like many participants, you’ll have a desire to apply what you’ve learned. You might want this opportunity to apply what you’ve learned before working this way with your clients. Or to apply what you’ve learned because you don’t know when you’ll have the opportunity in your upcoming work.

As a member, when you participate in the International Genuine Contact Organization, you experience a learning playground where you get to try out all of what you have learned. You get to do this work alongside others. All of us are still learning how to work with Genuine Contact – some just have more experience than others.

By working with others who are committed to working this way, you gain invaluable experiences and benefit from the collective wisdom. We think this makes your membership pretty priceless.

If you want to know more about opportunities to get involved, please contact the membership team at


As a member, when you participate in your ongoing learning through participation in workshops, you are eligible to receive discounts on your learning. These discounts are exclusive to members of the International Genuine Contact Organization and include:

  • GC Specialty Series Workshops offered by the organization. 25% off for Friend, Partner, Supporter, and Ambassador members. 50% off for Stewards and Elders.
  • Genuine Contact Program modules offered by authorized GC Trainers. This includes the 4 Foundational Modules and 5 Advanced Skill Development Modules that make up the GC Program. Most Trainers offer a 10% discount for GC Members.
  • Programs Rooted in Genuine Contact offered by authorized GC Trainers. These are specialty workshops offered by GC Trainers where they share different ways they have developed of applying Genuine Contact to a variety of personal and professional development, leadership development, and organizational transformation needs.

Look for the discount icon in the upcoming training & events calendar to see which learning opportunities offer membership discounts.

Supporting your Income Earning Opportunities

As you work with Genuine Contact, your membership can support you in income earning opportunities. The GCO supports you by:

  • Listing your upcoming workshops and events on our calendar.
  • Sharing your workshops events on social media and in our member newsletter
  • Inviting you to facilitate GC Specialty Series workshops with a 50/50 revenue share

Earn Membership points through supporting the GCO

Through collecting membership point you earn a discount on your membership fee. There are two type of your points: loyalty points and contribution points.

Loyalty points

Members collect Loyalty Points that go towards your annual membership renewal. These points grow with every year of your membership and every workshop you take once you’ve become a member:

  • 0,5 points for every 1 year of membership
  • 1 point for every Genuine Contact Program workshop you’ve participated in

Contribution Points

The International Genuine Contact Organization is able to accomplish amazing things because of the dedication and time commitment of people like you. There are lots of ways to get involved – some that are a very small commitment of time and energy and some that can span a year or longer. Each is an important contribution that we recognize through “Contribution Points.” You collect points throughout the year that can be applied to your membership renewal.

There are ongoing teams like the Leadership Management, Branding, and Membership Teams that you can participate in to support the ongoing work of the GCO. There are special working groups formed to achieve specific goals within our Strategic Plan. As a member, you’ll be invited to participate in all these teams and working groups. Contribution points are earned based on your participation…in addition to all the rich learning you experience.

Additionally, there are regular activities that you can participate in to support the organization in achieving its goals. These activities are identified here.  As you take a look at the activities that you can participate in, what interests you?

If you’re inspired to take on an activity or 2, contact the Membership Team to find out anything you may need to know about this activity and learn how to get started.

High Quality Practice

  • Mentoring Workshop Participants: GC Trainers who offer 1 complimentary mentoring session to their workshop participants by using the GCO membership voucher. Points are counted for each mentoring session completed. 1 point per session.
  • Genuine Contact Program Workshop Discounts: GC Trainers who provide a discount on workshop registrations for members of the GCO taking Genuine Contact Program workshops. Discount total is at the discretion of the Trainer. Points are counted for each workshop a participant completes with the discounted registration fee for workshops that have been listed on 1 point per discount given.
  • Sponsor and/or Facilitate a Genuine Contact Mentoring Circle (in-person or online): International and regional mentoring circles are a powerful opportunity for strengthening capacity for working with Genuine Contact. Plan, facilitate, and debrief with the sponsors for one Genuine Contact Mentoring Circle and earn 3 points.

Wise and Playful Marketing

  • Sharing Stories: Write a story about a recent experience with the Genuine Contact way of working to post on our website – an experience with a client, a workshop you’ve facilitated, or even something that happened in your personal life. You’ll be promoted across our social media and in our newsletters and earn 1 point per blog post published.

Organizational Development

  • Meeting Facilitation: Facilitators are needed for the GCO Monthly Meetings and Co-Owners Meetings. A great opportunity to practice your Whole Person Process Facilitation skills including planning, facilitation, and debriefing with the sponsors. Facilitate either set of meetings for 1 season (3 months) and earn 5 points.
  • Translation: Workbooks, website content, resources, and more are in constant need of translation or updates. Participating in this work, on your own or with a translation team, earns points. The number of points will be negotiated based on the volume of work to be completed.
  • Updating GC Resources: Creating new resources, recruiting others to share resources, and updating existing resources onto our current resource template. The number of points will be negotiated based on the volume of work to be completed.

Building Membership Relationships

  • Invite a New Member: Invite someone to become a member of the GCO and when they sign up you receive 1 point per paid membership.

Cooperation & Collaboration

  • New opportunities coming soon!