What happens when you understand a project is actually a change process

What happens when every new venture an organization takes on – every business initiative, every project, every new team formed – is taken on as a change process rather than looking at it from a project framework? Most new ventures are approached from a project framework. They have a fixed … Read More

It’s A Relief to Remember — Change Has Always Been Constant

When I began as an organizational consultant, one of the things that were taken for granted and still is for many, is that people don’t like change and aren’t good at it. We use this as an excuse for all sorts of what is often called “push back” or “resistance” … Read More

What Happens When We Acknowledge That Humans Are Actually Good at Change?

Throughout my life, I have taken for granted that people are bad at change. The thought is so prevalent it has become cliché. When I began my career as an organizational trainer and later as a consultant, the idea that people are change-phobic and change inadequate was taken for granted. … Read More

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