Organizational Development Services provided by Genuine Contact Professionals

Regardless of which business or organizational opportunity or challenge you are facing, we know that your journey can be easier and more fulfilling with the right tools and methods, that are adaptable to your unique situation and compatible with the culture of leadership you want to create. We have chosen to work with the tools and methods in the Genuine Contact™ program and we are happy to share the benefits with you.

  • Do you want to turn your organizational challenges into new pathways to success?
  • Do you need help to plan for a meeting, conference or workshop, online or in person?
  • Are you interested in your continued growth as a leader, mentor, facilitator?

Services to Support Your Business Needs

Independent Genuine Contact Professionals around the world work as consultants, facilitators, coaches and mentors offering a variety of services. Find a GC Professional near you to learn what services they offer.

Here are just a few ways we can help.

Whether you are a new or seasoned leader, leadership development opportunities can help you to maximize your full potential and the potential of your team.  Leadership development done the Genuine Contact way focuses on growing your existing leadership capacities and strengthening latent skills, all while focusing on developing the whole person.

We assist you in solving your organizational challenges like conflict resolution, strategic planning, and mergers. We work as consultants, process leaders and mentors to help you achieve the results you wish for.

Meeting Facilitation Services by GC Professionals

We believe in well-facilitated meetings as a catalyst for change and meaningful action.  We offer professional preparation, facilitation, and follow-up for businesses, teams, all levels of government, communities, associations and any other organizations of people. Meeting facilitation, both in-person and online, is our business.

Expand your skills and capacities by learning how to facilitate processes in organizations, how to enable and support collaboration in organizations, develop strategies for yourself by taking a training in one or more modules of the Genuine Contact Program.

A Global Approach

GC Professionals are on every continent and in many countries. Odds are, there's a GC Professional near you.  Whether you are looking for someone to support your organization locally or have a national or multi-national business, our GC Professionals can help.

We have diverse backgrounds, knowledge, languages, and cultures. We are all professional leaders of the Genuine Contact program. When working with a GC Professional as an independent consultant, know that we collaborate in ongoing mentoring with one another and can work together in independent teams to support widespread, multinational organizations in their projects to achieve their vision.

Find a GC Professional near you to support you in achieving your business goals.