What distance schooling can teach us about working with grief in organizations

Distance schooling started here recently. Like communities around the world, we had been isolated at home for weeks. Our school district implemented a plan to get kids learning again. It took exactly 2 days before my daughter came to me and asked what would happen if she just decided not … Read More

The Art of Leadership

Sometimes we talk about leadership as an art and people agree and say ”yes, of course” but what is it that they actually agree with? What is leadership, what is art and what is the art of leadership? A Culture of Leadership Within Genuine Contact, we speak about a culture … Read More

Leadership Development vs Leader Development

It is helpful to consider what is commonly called ‘leadership training’ as actually being ‘leader training’.There is a difference, especially regarding application of leadership, and it matters.Recently I met with a well seasoned ‘Leadership Development’ trainer. She is deeply dedicated to the development of people, and has devoted her career to … Read More