Hi, we are Doris and Anna Caroline.

We are friends and live in Amsterdam and Berlin. We've been involved in the development of the Genuine Contact for 10+ years and have benefited from working in this way professionally and personally. One special thing about our community is the opportunity to connect with  colleagues from all over the world and learn about the great things they are doing.

Sharing stories and experiences is a vital part of the Genuine Contact way of working; it's a great way to transfer knowledge and inspiration. That's why we launched the Genuine Contact podcast and hope these conversations will support you in your own work with GC or inspire you to get involved.

This is our contribution to explore different ways of working with the Genuine Contact approach.

We hope you enjoy this as much as we do!

Doris  & Anna Caroline

The Podcast

Our hosts Anna Caroline and Doris bring you stories about the Genuine Contact way of working and offer you an in depth insight. Together with their guest they explore the beliefs and principles that underpin the Genuine Contact approach and ways people apply Genuine Contact in their life and work.

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Five Beliefs of Genuine Contact

Within the Genuine Contact approach and program, we work with five foundational beliefs. One question we love to ask our podcast guests is about their favorite belief. If' you've heard one that inspired you, here they are all together:

  1. We believe that spirit or Spirit matters, that through spirit or Spirit, all of creation is connected, and that people are precious.
  2. We believe that every organism (including the organization) has within it the blueprint for its own optimal health and balance.
  3. We believe that focusing on genuine contact enables individuals and organizations to achieve the individual and organizational health and balance that is needed for optimal effectiveness. Positive change in the organization is directly linked to positive change in individuals. Both are required for sustainable new ways of working.
  4. We believe in keeping it simple. Simple frameworks and processes enable success with complex situations. In keeping it simple, we recognize that any sustainable change must begin from the inside and cannot be externally initiated or driven.
  5. We believe that change with its accompanying loss, grief work, and conflict is constant. Organizations that develop mastery in working with change can sustain optimal effectiveness. These leaders and organizations recognize that change cannot be managed, that energy spent trying to manage change is wasted energy, and that productive use of individual and organizational energy is achieved by working with change rather than against it.

How can these beliefs inform your way of working?

Have a Story about the Genuine Contact way of working?

If you have a great story about the Genuine Contact way of working, we want to tell it! Contact Anna Caroline Türk or Doris Gottlieb to share your podcast idea.