Panoramic vision as a key leadership capacity

“Never discuss politics or religion in polite company” is an old adage with good intention. By avoiding potential hot topics, conversation stays peaceful and pleasant. But along the way, we seem to have added quite a long list of other hot topics to the ones to avoid. I don’t even … Read More

Episode 4: Happy Leaders, Great Results with Sabine Bredemeyer

Sabine Bredemeyer is a pioneer of Genuine Contact – working with this approach for nearly 20 years. In this Podcast she speaks about her new book Happy Leaders Happy People Great Results. The book introduces her leadership formula – which includes purpose, health, and self-discipline among other aspects – as the … Read More

What Makes a Great Leader

Recently I was in a conversation about what qualities define a great leader.  After contributing my thoughts to the conversation, I thought they were worth sharing with you too.  Here are some of the qualities I believe define a great leader. Ability to Stay the Course We are living in … Read More

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