Genuine Contact Based Workshops & Events

The Modules of the Genuine Contact Program are simply the beginning!

GC Trainers, authorized to teach about Genuine Contact, have been developing custom programs based on the Genuine Contact way of living and working. Working together with clients and giving public training for over a decade, our Genuine Contact trainers have developed expertise in many areas. From this expertise, workshops have been custom designed to meet the specific needs of clients in areas like:

  • strategic planning and plan refresh
  • leadership development
  • team or project development
  • decision making
  • personal development
  • working with the Medicine Wheel Tool
  • and so much more

Genuine Contact Based Programming

The core Genuine Contact Program includes 9 workshop modules that together teach you the Genuine Contact way of working.  These modules offer simple frameworks and processes that can be used in most business situations in a wide variety of industries and in personal development too.

Genuine Contact based workshops and events delve more deeply into these ways of working.  They are offered by individual Genuine Contact Professionals based on their years of experience in working with this method and approach. What these workshops and events have in common is that they are all deeply rooted in the teachings of Genuine Contact.

These workshops are designed for leaders, executives, and managers who are looking for new and innovative approaches to how business gets done.  They are designed for consultants, coaches, and facilitators to explore new ways of effectively supporting your clients.  They are designed for your participation whether you are new to Genuine Contact and looking for particular skill development or have been working with the program and approach for years and are looking for deepened learning into this way of working.

What's Next?

If you are looking for skill and capacity development around a specific area of focus, check out upcoming offerings below.  If you have a specific learning interest that you cannot find below, it's likely that one of our Genuine Contact Professionals has something to offer.  Find a  Genuine Contact Professional in your area or offering programming online to see what they have to offer.

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Next Level Leadership

Facilitators: Birgitt Williams & Rachel Bolton – Dalar International Consultancy, Hendersonville, United States

September 30, October 7, 14, 21 & 28, 2022 | 9am-12:30pm EDT | Online

Next Level Leadership: orientation and readiness is a developing leadership learning stream to support you in transforming your leadership for leading and participating in a culture of leadership. Typically offered as a self-study program only, in this special one-time offering, Birgitt Williams and Rachel Bolton are leading a live online workshop. Every Friday for 5 weeks starting Sept 30.

This workshop gets you ready for your own leadership for leading so people will lead. It’s a deep exploration into what next level leadership is and what it expects from you as a leader, covered in five modules.

You will have the opportunity to better understand your beliefs about leadership and about leadership in today’s reality of constant change. You will learn tools and skills for leadership for organizational transformation. You will learn how to work with the power of stories and with the spirit of an organization as powerful forces for the well being of the organization.

You will increase your capacity to meet the expanded leadership accountability needed in today’s performance environment of constant change. You will develop an understanding of the value of developing a leadership culture that values the leadership in everyone in the organization…and the benefits of nourishing a culture of leadership.

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Mentoring Circle: Holistic Leadership Development

Facilitators: Birgitt Williams & Rachel Bolton – Dalar International Consultancy, Hendersonville, United States

November 18, 2022 | 9am-12:00pm EST | Online

One of the things we believe in all of our training is that having ongoing learning opportunities is critical for learning retention, application of your skills, and continually growing your skills and capacities.

When you have the opportunity to gather with others who have also learned a particular skillset – to share your experiences, wisdom, and insights and to ask questions where you still have more to learn – it offers all participants a possibility for ongoing and deepened learning.  As part of our commitment to ongoing learning for your leadership development, you are encouraged to participate in this mentoring circle with a focus on working with Holistic Leadership Development.

Join other past workshop participants to explore emerging issues and opportunities for working with this module of the Genuine Contact program. As part of the mentoring circle, participants will develop an agenda of the topics that they want to explore. Registration is free and open to anyone who has participated in this learning module.

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