Foundational Module 4 of the Genuine Contact Program

Leadership is a skill where mastery can be achieved through knowledge and practice. Holistic Leadership Development deals with the extraordinary leadership that is required to achieve success in a world in constant change. Organizations and people impact each other deliberately or unconsciously. To be able to develop and be successful in a complex, multicultural and constantly changing environment we need a new leadership paradigm. We need a leadership view and an organizational climate where many people have the opportunity to take initiatives and find solutions. This implies a new way of leading so that others can lead.

The Holistic Leadership Development workshop was designed to assist leaders who want to develop their leadership approach, strengthen their own power and find tools and methods to impact their organization. In the workshop participants will have time to define their own leadership approach, strengthen their leadership capacity and design a plan for leadership development in their organization.

Participants will deepen their skills, knowledge, and capacity to:

  • Navigate through, utilize and thrive in constant change
  • Assist their organizations to develop a climate for extraordinary leadership
  • Create work environments where everyone can take initiatives for developing the organization
  • Create life nourishing, synergistic work environments with sustainable high performance
  • Find and work with the power of presence, communication, and influence wisely and effectively to achieve results
  • Create an organizational climate with liberating structures and high participation for optimal organizational performance

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