Clients: Leaders, Executives and Managers

The Genuine Contact Program has a simplicity that is suitable for complex situations and decisions. People in the organization are involved in the visions and challenges of its future and invited to a space where they can create results. Genuine Contact Professionals work with you as consultants, facilitators or coaches to support you in best achieving your business goals.  We offer in-house trainings and consulting where leaders and teams will be able to grow and build their own capacities for leadership and organizational developments in a complete systems-thinking way.

You may be looking for a new solution if:

  • You do not have the competitive edge that your competitors seem to have and they seem to be more creative, more efficient and more successful
  • You are not sure if you have the appropriate structures for your successful future
  • Your people do not appear to be as interested in success as you are
  • There is low morale in your organization, you’ve done everything you know how to increase it, and still, there is something wrong – you just can’t seem to put your finger on it.
  • You know that you have hired all the right people and, with all the potential available in your organization, there are still areas which could be more efficient
  • You see that there are many other possibilities for growth and a better climate amongst your people
  • And possibly sometimes you are distressed because your job consumes all your time and energy and your private and family life suffers from this

A Genuine Contact Professional can support you in resolving these issues and achieving new levels of success.

What's Next?

Find a Genuine Contact Professional near you. These qualified professionals can help you to understand the best next steps to support your business goals.

Organizational Development with the Genuine Contact Program

We offer in-house trainings where leaders will be able to grow and build their own capacities for leadership and organizational developments alongside their teams in a complete systems-thinking way:

  • Foundational Modules - these workshops will change how you approach change in your organization
  • Advanced Skill Building Modules - these will build capacity in your organization to hold effective meetings where the individuals in the organization are energized, engaged and working to optimum success.