Genuine Contact™ Professionals have adopted a holistic approach to leadership and organizational development based on the approach, program, and power of the Genuine Contact Program. They have developed competence in working with at least Whole Person Process Facilitation (Module 2) of the Genuine Contact Program to assist leaders and organizations in their development.

Genuine Contact Professionals, when working with modules of the Genuine Contact Program in their work as organizational consultants, leadership development consultants, and meeting facilitators, work within the scope of the modules that they have developed competency in. Genuine Contact Professionals may also apply different meeting methodologies like World Café, Appreciative Inquiry if they seem more suited to the business goal.

Depending on the needs of the client, a Genuine Contact Professional can pull larger teams together from amongst the Genuine Contact Professionals, and others whose work is in alignment with our quality commitment, when needed.

To ascertain if someone is a Genuine Contact Professional, a client can check with the Director of the Genuine Contact Organization and Program at While the Director cannot remark about the competence of the person, s/he can verify that a Quality Commitment has been made. Leaders and organizations seeking to engage a Genuine Contact Professional are responsible for selecting him/her and doing their own reference checks.

Genuine Contact Professionals make the following commitments to ensure the most beneficial results of their work and recommit to this Quality Commitment annually.

Meeting Facilitation

When working with the Genuine Contact approach to facilitate meetings, I follow an established protocol which includes preparation meetings, facilitation of the main meeting, facilitation of a debrief meeting, and ensuring a follow-up accountability meeting whenever possible. I use Whole Person Process Facilitation as the participative and creative method for the preparation and debrief meetings and either Open Space Technology or Whole Person Process Facilitation or another participatory approach such as Future Search, World Café or Appreciative Inquiry (all credible participatory meeting methods) for facilitating the conference or main meeting.

Even when meeting methodologies are used that are not part of the Genuine Contact program, they will be conducted within the operating platform of a Whole Person Process Facilitation meeting, when possible.

Upon completion of the conference and/or meeting, I can provide my clients with an evaluation, based upon participant feedback upon request.

Longer Term Consulting Services for Personal Development, Leadership Development and/or Organizational Development

Service Delivery ModelAt the time of contracting, I and my client ensure that we have:

  • clarity about the business goal of the assignment
  • leadership considerations regarding the success of the assignment in the organization
  • expectations of the client (deliverables)
  • who the people are who need to be involved for the assignment to be successful
  • the design
  • how the relationships will be worked out for success
  • how the collective intelligence of the organization will be accessed if needed.

A schedule of review meetings will be established for course correction as needed in relation to the initial scope of the agreement. I understand the importance of continuous review and change rather than waiting until the final review.

Personal Competence, Capability, and Capacity Development

As Genuine Contact Professional, I commit to my ongoing personal competence, capability, and capacity development with:

  • Ongoing participation in the Genuine Contact mailing lists (international & language-specific if available)
  • International Genuine Contact Mentoring Circles (in person as well as in online environment)
  • Regional and/or local Genuine Contact Mentoring Circles
  • GC Newsletters / Blogs
  • Participation in at least one Genuine Contact training annually, either through intensifying learning in a familiar module or taking additional modules, to be done in person, online or by reviewing a GC training workbook.
  • Any other engagement in Genuine Contact activities

Environmental Protection Policy

I use food, materials, and techniques that ensure the least possible negative impact on the environment. This includes – whenever possible – but is not limited to recycled (flipchart) paper, water-based markers, refill-products, organic food, snacks and drinks, energy saving technical products.