Genuine Contact Program Workshops

Genuine Contact provides a blended, synergistic, holistic approach to change and to leadership. It is not about a big quick splash, but rather about developing the skills, knowledge, and capacity to sustain the ongoing organizational change necessary to thrive in today’s constantly changing, complex times. The program includes 9 modules including 4 Foundational Workshops, 4 Advanced Skill Building Workshops and the Train the Trainer of the Genuine Contact Program. Each workshop is designed as a stand-alone module providing specific skills, tools, and capacity building.  Modules can also be combined to achieve specific learning goals, and as a complete program, these workshops offer you a comprehensive approach to holistic organizational development. To learn about Genuine Contact there are many different paths to choose from:

  • You can take modules of Genuine Contact program in many different locations around the world
  • You can take many modules of the Genuine Contact program online
  • You can join Genuine Contact Mentoring Circles online and in person
  • You can bring a Genuine Contact trainer into your organization for in-house training
  • You can participate in different public events
  • You can  meet the Genuine Contact community on social media

Upcoming Genuine Contact Modules are listed on our Event Calendar. Genuine Contact trainers are authorized to train the original modules of the Genuine Contact program.

Foundational Workshops

The Foundational Workshops are designed to regenerate your relationship with yourself and the values of your organization. They provide the foundational modules for more advanced work with the Genuine Contact program and support extraordinary leaders who wish to nourish a culture of leadership.

  • Path to Organizational Health and Balance An orientation to a holistic approach to organizational success and the resulting benefits from such an approach. It also provides an introduction to some simple, easily duplicated tools. MORE
  • Achieving Organizational Health and Balance: Diagnosis and Regeneration Provides participants with the skills and confidence to carry out a diagnosis of the state of health and balance (wellness) of their organization without the need for consultant help. You leave with self-help tools so you can do period checks and adjustments in order to sustain the desired state of the organization. MORE
  • Individual Health and Balance for Leaders – provides a framework to examine your personal health and balance and to develop a plan for regaining health and balance within a fast-paced stress filled life. This is key to good decision making and sustained leadership performance. MORE
  • Holistic Leadership Development – for those who are ready to go to the next level of leadership development, expanding your capacity as a leader to nourish a culture of leadership in your organization and sustain optimal, spirited performance. You have already developed increased self-awareness about your personal health and balance by taking the Individual Health and Balance workshop for leaders. MORE

Advanced Skill Building Workshops

The Advanced Skill Building Workshops of the Genuine Contact program focus on implementing a new operating platform and developing a culture of leadership. Change is brought about by highly participative meetings as a supporting and driving force. The workshops are designed for leaders, consultants, and facilitators who need means of finding optimal organizational solutions in ways that are fast, simple and duplicable.  Using these skills results in the development of the Genuine Contact Organization, a highly engaged organization that sustains performance even in periods of rapid change. The skill-building workshops will take you deeply into understanding how to use simple but effective tools to work with complex environments and situations.

  • Working with Open Space Technology A highly participative method for large group meetings, that when used frequently shifts the culture in the organization. You will learn to facilitate OST meetings and you will learn the longer process of planning meetings, debrief and accountability meetings to make optimal use of the results for the benefit of the organization. MORE
  • Whole Person Process Facilitation A meeting method is more guided while still offering maximum choice and freedom to participants. It is congruent in values to Open Space Technology. WPPF invites the whole person to be present in the meeting and use his or her full wisdom and potential to find the solutions that are needed. MORE
  • Cross Cultural Conflict Resolution Works from the perspective that underneath the diversity, all humans have some things in common. The workshop supports your contact with yourself and your beliefs about conflicts and provides a design for conflict resolution from a perspective of universal needs and understandings. MORE
  • Genuine Contact Organization An operating system to foster a solution-focused base and achieve sustainable peak performance for a living organization. It provides patterns of simple, elegant processes that can handle and benefit from all the complexity within and outside the organization. It also provides a nourishing environment in which the human spirit can flourish creatively and fulfill its potential. Solutions come from the collective genius and passion of the organization’s existing human resources, generating the energy to implement them in the process. A culture of leadership results as does an ongoing interconnected learning organization. MORE

Train the Trainer

To be a Genuine Contact Trainer is to support life nourishing organizations and sustainable growth. You are invited to step into your extraordinary leadership and commit to your own development and growth. The workshop is designed so that you can grow into mastery in using and teaching the Genuine Contact program. With the Train the Trainer workshop you are authorized to teach the full program in-house and in public workshops. You are invited to join the ongoing international mentoring circle of Trainers and you will get access to resources to support you in working with Genuine Contact including sample training outlines for facilitating your own workshops. As a Genuine Contact Trainer, you are invited to become a member of the Genuine Contact Co-owner Group Inc. Join our community of more than 130 Genuine Contact Trainers worldwide! MORE

What's Next?

Workshops are offered around the world and in several languages. Workshops are regularly offered in English, German, and Swedish. They are also offered occasionally in Dutch, French, Norwegian, Spanish, and Russian. Genuine Contact Professionals offer workshops both in person and online.  In short, it's easy to find an upcoming workshop near you!

Working With Open Space Technology (Advanced Module 1)

Working With Open Space Technology (Advanced Module 1)

3 September, 2024 - 5 September, 2024    
10:00 am CEST - 5:00 pm CEST
Member Discount: Yes

Facilitator(s): Doris Gottlieb, Anna Caroline Türk, Thomas Herrmann

Join us for this three day learning journey in the Netherlands. Open Space Technology (OST) is a meeting methodology that taps into the collective wisdom [...]