More Than One Story (Self-Study Program)


Come join and experience sharing stories with an award-winning card game while experiencing the power of using a Whole Person Process facilitated container for your favorite group facilitation methods.

In this online workshop, you will learn how to use an online version of the famous, More Than One Story (MTOS). We ‘learn by doing’ so you will be invited to listen to stories from others and share some of your life stories. MTOS is useful in many situations in your work or private life – to build relations and deeper understanding between individuals in a group. It can be used both online and in person.

You will learn:

  1. The card game More Than One Story.
  2. How to use the meeting container Whole Person Process Facilitation (WPPF) to play the game in small or large groups.
  3. How and when you can use MTOS in your own organization or private context.

MTOS has received the Council of Europe’s Democracy Innovation Award, among others. It has been used around the world for more than a decade. It has been translated into 20 languages and more than 70,000 card decks have been spread around the world.

In 2020, your workshop facilitator, Thomas Herrmann, collaborated with the originator in the municipality of Simrishamn, Sweden to create a website so this game can be used online. Together, they also discovered the value of adding a facilitated meeting container to create more safety, presence and to harvest results. Whole Person Process Facilitation, the preferred meeting container, is one of the methods taught in The Genuine Contact™ program.

If you’re already familiar with Whole Person Process Facilitation, in this workshop you’ll experience how Thomas uses a WPPF container to support working with MTOS…and perhaps be inspired to consider how you can use WPPF to support the value of some of your favorite methods and techniques for participatory conversations. If you’re new to WPPF, you’ll have the opportunity to experience it in action, all while learning about a fun and engaging card game that builds relationships amongst communities of people…and maybe be inspired to learn to facilitate using Whole Person Process Facilitation too.

With MTOS you create space to look again. When you listen to more than one story about a phenomenon it creates more diverse, wide, and deep perspectives.

You will have many opportunities to use this game both professionally and with friends. It can be part of building a common culture in your organization, increasing relations, or ’just’ making better friends.

Thomas has decades of experience as a Genuine Contact trainer and facilitator. He discovered MTOS in 2015 and introduced it to several organizations. One example is an NGO in his hometown that supported newly arrived refugees. MTOS was successfully used for years and helped us to get to know each other and build trust and understanding.

Join this workshop and use your learnings in the future. Together we create a better world!

Facilitator: Thomas Herrmann


Your Facilitator

Thomas Herrmann, Genuine Contact Specialty Series FacilitatorThomas Herrmann is a Genuine Contact Trainer and Co-owner living in Sweden. He has worked the Genuine Contact way for more than 20 years, releasing life power in people, organizations, and society.

Thomas learned and developed this approach in collaboration with a Genuine Contact Trainer, Marianne Sempler in Norway, about 15 years ago. He has used it ever since in large organizational transformative development work, in workshops, and in many Genuine Contact trainings.

For many years this is a natural way for Thomas to do his work. Many of his sponsors express their appreciation for the clarity and engagement it brings to the process.

Thomas is dedicated to bringing this powerful method, for evaluating impacts for improved results, out into the world.

Learn more about Thomas.

Self-Study Program

Based on the real-time recording from January 26, 2022, your self-study materials include:

  • workshop guidebook (6 pages)
  • audio recording of the original workshop (2 hours)
  • workshop whiteboards (8 pages)

These materials are provided for self-study.  You can download the audio file for easy offline listening if you prefer.  In order to make the most of your learning experience, we recommend you listen to the recording while also following along with the whiteboards and the guidebook.

Genuine Contact Specialty Series

This online workshop is part of the Genuine Contact Specialty Series. Each program in this series is designed to showcase an original application of Genuine Contact as developed by Genuine Contact professionals. Genuine Contact provides a blended, synergistic, holistic approach to change and to leadership. It is not about a big quick splash, but rather about developing the skills, knowledge, and capacity to sustain the ongoing organizational change necessary to thrive in today’s constantly changing, complex times.

The Genuine Contact Program and all of its applications are used around the world in the private sector, non-profit sector, development agencies, health and social services, and in organizations of all types.