What’s Your Worldview?

There are many ways to look at the world. What kind of glasses are you using? Many organizations are still using the same glasses that they got when they were founded. At that time their world might have looked like a machine or an assembly line where you easily could … Read More

Leading Online Collaboration

Today, more and more often we work in online environments. It is a simple and effective opportunity to work with people from afar. When connecting to one person for a conversation, it is easy to use Skype, Zoom or other apps instead of making a phone call. When you want to … Read More

Silencio y Espacio

Read this post in English here. Vengo de un mundo corporativo altamente competitivo y en esa época tenía la extraña idea de que debía hablar todo el tiempo, muy especialmente, tenía que defender mis ideas.  Para probar que era una líder había que hablar, hablar y hablar.  Si hacía eso, … Read More

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