A Typical Village Training: The Genuine Contact Way

The project was Financial Literacy Training. The participants, 42 women living in a remote village in India. The common mindset – and moreover my own assumptions about the participants – is a typical orthodox mindset to be non-progressive, non-communicative and less willing to be part of change in the society. … Read More

Silencio y Espacio

Read this post in English here. Vengo de un mundo corporativo altamente competitivo y en esa época tenía la extraña idea de que debía hablar todo el tiempo, muy especialmente, tenía que defender mis ideas.  Para probar que era una líder había que hablar, hablar y hablar.  Si hacía eso, … Read More

Silence and Space

Lea este post en español. Coming from a very competitive corporate world I had the weirdest notion that I always needed to speak, especially speak up.  To prove I was a leader I had to talk, talk, talk.  If I did, I could “grow” within the organization and become someone renowned and … Read More