Genuine Contact as a Holistic Approach to Organizational Development

Change is Constant

The Environment

Change is constant. Change cannot be managed. Solutions must be found quickly to complex challenges and opportunities. Solutions must be understood throughout the system so that individuals can make individual decisions to take on the new. Knowing what works is harder than knowing what doesn’t work. 90% of change efforts have failed. 70-90% of strategic plans have not been executed. Linear approaches to organizational development have not worked in these more complex times. A holistic approach that uses participative architecture works. The Genuine Contact program offers this holistic approach.

Our Holistic Approach Produces Beneficial Sustainable Results

Learning to work optimally with both tangible assets and intangible assets is included in our holistic approach. Tangible assets include finances, property, and other items that are normally included in a financial balance sheet as assets. Intangible assets include human capital, information capital, organization capital, and something that we have called Factor C: collective intelligence capital.

Learning to work with four levels of consciousness in organizations is also included in our holistic approach so that individuals and the organization make optimal use of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual consciousness of individuals and of the whole organization.

Learning to work with feminine and masculine energies, including feminine and masculine forms of leadership, are included in our holistic approach.

Within our holistic approach, change is led from within the organization. Knowledge, skills and capacity are developed within the organization to create the capacity to continually grow and change to optimize benefits from opportunities as they emerge.

Through Our Holistic Approach Organizations Achieve Their Meta Goals

  • Success now and for generations to come
  • Satisfied shareholders and stakeholders
  • Loyal and ecstatic customers
  • Efficient and effective processes
  • Motivated, committed, and prepared workforce
  • Growth and expansion

Through Our Holistic Approach Organizations Develop Their Strategic Approach to Achieve the Meta Corporate Goal and the Meta Goals

  • Holistic approach to Leadership development including skill, knowledge and capacity building.
  • A holistic approach to Organizational development including engagement of the workforce, skill, knowledge and capacity building.
  • Strategic approach to processes.

Through Our Holistic Approach Organizations Achieve the Following Desirable Outcomes on an Ongoing Basis to See Them through All Change

  • Leadership and the workforce have shifted from fragmentation to connectedness.
  • There is alignment between the formal leaders and the workforce including alignment of mind, heart, spirit and action.
  • Individual and collective wisdom stemming from intellectual and intuitive knowledge is capitalized for strategic formulation and implementation.
  • The full potential of the organization is harnessed including tangible and intangible assets.
  • All leadership and the workforce understands the purpose of the organization (why the organization exists);  what the organization is facing;  where the organization is headed and why;  strategies to get there; and what the individual can do to get there.
Birgitt Williams
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Senior Consultant and President, Dalar International Consultancy

Birgitt, as well as being a Co-owner, is a Co-founder of the Genuine Contact program. She is an international management and organizational solutions consultant, author, meeting facilitator, teacher, and executive coach. Visit her website for more information.
Birgitt Williams
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