What is Genuine Contact

What is Genuine Contact? As someone who was raised in a household where it was taking shape and who has been working with it for 20 years, the answer feels like it's woven into my DNA. But it can still feel like a difficult question to answer. I often say that it's a way of working with the foundations of an organization to strengthen them so that the company can better achieve its business and development goals.

But what does that really mean?

Recently, we asked people who were very new to Genuine Contact this very question - those who had some early experiences of working with an organizational consultant using Genuine Contact methods or who had recently taken a workshop to begin learning about the Genuine Contact way of working.  What is Genuine Contact? What are your first impressions of what is most important? What stands out as being different than what you have experienced before. This video offers their answers.

And for me, as I watched this video for the first time, I was reminded that my other answer is true too.  Because sometimes when people ask me what it is, my answer is simply: "Magic!"

Magic because it has the possibility to invite people to be in genuine contact with self and others, to choose to show up and be fully present, to have the courage to use simple tools and processes to solve complex situations, and to find something that feels like home when you've been searching your whole life to find the answer to "there must be a better way."

How would you answer this question for yourself? Please leave an answer in a comment below.

In Gratitude

Our thanks to Roghan Metcalf, who wrote, directed, edited, and produced this video. To Suzanne Daigle, Adi Hay, Ann-Heidi Paulsen Orvik, and Roy Bartilson for sharing your experiences. Maya Lie, Anna Caroline Türk, and Rachel Bolton for supporting this development project.  And to all those who contributed photographs of the Genuine Contact Way of working around the globe: Anna Caroline Türk, Sabine Bredemeyer, Nancy Wells, Vibha - Initiator-VibhaSpace India, Myriane Ouellette - O Strategies, Elisabeth Tepper Kofod, Ursula Maurer, and Eva P Svensson - EPS Human Invest AB.


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