Episode 10: People Who Are Cherished Want to Contribute

In this episode we talk with our colleague Tulika from the NIIT Foundation based in  Dehli. NIIT Foundation,is a not-for-profit organization that builds skills and capacities of underserved children by offering educational and skill programs for young people starting from 6 to 30 years of age. Besides this they provide are programs related to digital and financial literacy that are also for people above 30 years of age. For youth, the emphasis is on building leadership skills in order to encourage holistic development so that they can transition into work life and become self-reliant, value-creating human beings 

Tulika is the Senior Manager for Innovation and Organization Transformation at the NIIT foundation and as such has played an important role in the Foundation’s Conscious transformation to becoming a Genuine Contact Organization.

During this Podcast, Tulika speaks with us about her personal and professional journey working with and in Genuine Contact.  She talks about how the practices and methods of Genuine Contact impact her life and the life of the organization.

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About the Podcast

Anna Caroline Türk and Doris Gottlieb talk about organizational transformation and leadership culture - introducing new ways of working - tailored for the needs of the 21st century in the Genuine Contact Podcast. Twice monthly, our hosts bring you stories about the Genuine Contact way of working from around the world and across the last 20 years. From explorations of the beliefs and principles that support this way of working to interviews with Genuine Contact Professionals from around the world, we offer you an in-depth insight into what it means to work the GC way.

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