Episode 11: How Inviting Multiple Intelligences Benefits The Whole Person with Helga Hohn

In this episode we talk with our colleague Dr. Helga Hohn, a psychologist based in the Netherlands. She introduces us to Gardener’s concept of multiple intelligences and we speak about the alignment we experience between his approach and the holistic worldview of the Genuine Contact way of working. Gardner's theory goes beyond IQ and EQ and distinguishes at least eight different intelligences: Visual-Spatial Intelligence, Linguistic- Verbal Intelligence, Interpersonal Intelligence, Intra-personal Intelligence, Logical-Mathematical Intelligence, Musical Intelligence, Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence, and Naturalistic Intelligence. During our conversation, Helga draws on her large body of theoretical and applied knowledge to shed light on the value of recognizing the unique mix of intelligence and wisdom within each person. She also talks about how Genuine Contact has enriched her work providing insights into creating learning containers where all intelligences can come out fully when people work together. Helga is also a founding Board Member of aMI, the association of Multiple Intelligences (associatie van Meervoudige Intelligenties) and was active on the Board until January 2020. She supports her clients through her organization Mantra Coaching and Personal Development. Lean more about Helga.

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