Meetings that Engage

Meetings that Engage

We often talk about engaging people, but what do we mean? What is the purpose or goals we want to achieve with this engagement? Are we going to start a movement or have people support a cause? Or could there be other results when we engage people? I mainly want to engage people to get access to their wisdom and use it to create results that benefits both them and the organization.

As a leader I know two things.

  1. I will never have as much knowledge and capacity to offer the organization as a room full of engaged people combining their wisdom.
  2. I don’t want to carry all the responsibility on my shoulders when I can be supported by other engaged people, who want to be responsible and use their capacity to the fullest.

You might already have discovered that when I talk about engaging people, I don´t talk about engaging as in mobilizing. I mean engaging as in utilizing their full knowledge, wisdom, and capacity so that it could be used to work with what is needed in the organization. This requires engaging them on many levels, such as mind, both conscious and subconscious, spirit, emotions, and body. Now you might think that doing so requires a scientific degree, but it does not! What is needed is the knowledge that together you have so much more wisdom, creativity, and capacity. As the leader, you will also need to allow others to contribute, even when it is your idea, and to be open to surprises. The end result will be so much better and your leadership position so much easier.

Meetings that Engage: Online Learning Opportunity

In the Genuine Contact Specialty Workshop about Meetings that Engage, you will learn how you could use your meetings to engage the whole capacity of the participants, just by starting the meeting different from what you may be used to. The tool we offer is so simple that you might think it can´t do any magic in a complex organization. The truth is that the more complexity, the simpler tools you will need. Adding complex tools could create a maze, which is only confusing for all involved.

The tool, which is one of the tools of the Genuine Contact Program, will help you to get access to all the knowledge and wisdom that is gathered at a meeting. It helps to engage the whole person, mind, intuition, spirit, and emotion. You will learn how to start a meeting that engages your participants’ full wisdom and why we do it the way we do. This will help you as a leader to utilize the full wisdom in the organization so that you and your people could be successful.

This program is happening on September 25, 2019. Learn more & register here.


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    Elisabeth Tepper
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    Dear Eiwor,

    It’s always wonderful to learn from my colleagues and also share the experience that’s in the room!

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