Episode 3: I Walk My Talk with Thomas Herrmann

In this episode, Doris & Anna Caroline speak with Thomas Herrmann about his approach to life and work. He is a certified Genuine Contact trainer from day 1 as well as a Co-Owner of the Genuine Contact organization and has worked with Open Space Technology for over two decades. His company … Read More

Episode 2: Stamina and Generosity are Key Leadership Ingredients with Rachel Bolton

In this episode, we talk with Rachel Bolton – Director of the Genuine Contact program and organization – about her path with Genuine Contact. Together we reflect on characteristics of the Genuine Contact way of working within our organization. Whether you are new to our community or a long time … Read More

Episode 5: Leading the Genuine Contact way you’re never alone with Eiwor Backelund Jacobsson

“Everybody needs an Eiwor” – in this episode, we talk with Eiwor Backelund Jacobsson from West Sweden. She has been in many leadership positions applying the Genuine Contact way of leading and working. She shares with us the highlights of her journey – she has been committed to Genuine Contact from … Read More

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