Episode 6: Beneath Anger and Grief is Love with Nancy Wells

“The more I understand grief the more I understand that underneath grief and anger is love. ” In this episode, we speak with Nancy Wells, who has been working and living the Genuine Contact Way for 20 years. In her work as an Information Technology professional she combined both the … Read More

Episode 1: People Are Precious with Doris Gottlieb and Anna Caroline Türk

Doris and Anna Caroline are hosting the Genuine Contact way podcast in 2020 – in this first episode they interview each other. They share a passion for working with people in a mindful way, enabling groups and individuals to bring out their wisdom, creativity and love. In this episode they … Read More

Five Beliefs of Genuine Contact

Birgitt Williams and Ward Williams designed the Genuine Contact™ program with simplicity in mind. The program focuses on attending to organizational health and balance as a foundation for organizational success. It uses meetings as a catalyst for organizations to develop as conscious, life-nurturing, interconnected creative organizations. Meetings are a catalyst … Read More

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