Orange Membership Renewal


Welcome back!  Thanks for your ongoing support of Genuine Contact.

Get Involved

Orange level members enjoy:

  • participation in our international discussion forum via Google Groups
  • access to a digital library for Learning About Genuine Contact
  • invitations to upcoming workshops and special events with exclusive discounts
  • member directory listing
  • member badge to display on your website and marketing materials
  • contribute blog posts to (up to 4 per year)

Orange level membership is open to anyone with an interest in learning more about Genuine Contact.


This registration is for renewing your Orange Membership Level.

You are invited to continue in your membership our Genuine Contact Organization. To support and invest in this organization and its work to spread Genuine Contact in the world. Membership is much more valuable than any list of services and benefits could possibly communicate. The real value is in the relationships developed, the connections made and the opportunities taken advantage of through time spent with other members. There are also quite a number of direct, tangible benefits that our members use from the moment they join – making the decision to become a member an easy one.

There are 5 levels of membership to choose from:

  • White: Introduction to the Community – this free membership level offers you the opportunity to begin learning what Genuine Contact is and how you can be connected.
  • Orange: Get Involved – For new members who want to learn more and move into closer connection with Genuine Contact. The Orange level is also for people who want to stay connected and be part of the GC community but are not interested in a deeper engagement at this time
  • Green: Deepen Your Connection – People who feel connected to Genuine Contact, who want to participate in events, learn more and get benefits from your engagement. For people active with your own business who want to sustain and increase your capacity in working with Genuine Contact.
  • Blue: Take Leadership – People who are deeply connected to and engaged in Genuine Contact who have taken a minimum of 5 Program workshops. Your work and/or life have deep roots in Genuine Contact. You want to be a part of the Genuine Contact Organization and participate in development projects.
  • Purple: Co-Ownership – Authorized Genuine Contact Trainers are all eligible to become members of the Genuine Contact Co-Owners Group. These members take leadership for the Genuine Contact Organization. The Genuine Contact Co­Owners’ Group Inc. is the steward of the GC Program and support members in growing Genuine Contact in the world.

If you have loyalty points to use towards your membership, please contact the Director for more information about your registration.