Friends of GC Membership (Orange)


Friends of Genuine Contact are a core group of members who want to learn more about and move into closer connection to the Genuine Contact way of working. Their support allows us to continue growing a strong community with meaningful engagement. Friends of GC represent the diverse global community in which we live and work.

 Annual Benefits:

  • Participation in our international email discussion forum to meet others and learn more about how they are working with Genuine Contact
  • Subscription to our newsletter with articles and special event invitations
  • Access to introductory resources about Genuine Contact
  • Invitation to our open meetings
  • Recognition on our Members Directory
  • access to a digital library for Learning About Genuine Contact
  • 10% members discount on many Genuine Contact program modules and specialized education offered by our members for working Genuine Contact Way
  • Member Badge to display on your website and marketing materials

Friends of Genuine Contact have taken at least 1 Genuine Contact program module and their first year of membership is included as part of their workshop registration*.
* A free year of membership is included when you take your first Genuine Contact program module. Ask your Trainer for details.


This registration is the Friends Membership Group.

You are invited to become a member of our Genuine Contact Organization. To support and invest in this organization and its work to spread Genuine Contact in the world. Membership is much more valuable than any list of services and benefits could possibly communicate. The real value is in the relationships developed, the connections made and the opportunities taken advantage of through time spent with other members. There are also quite a number of direct, tangible benefits that our members use from the moment they join – making the decision to become a member an easy one.

There are 6 membership groups to choose from:

  • Supporter (White): Introduction to the Community – this free membership group offers you the opportunity to begin learning what the Genuine Contact way of working is and how you can be connected.
  • Friend (Orange): Get Involved – For new members who want to learn more and move into closer connection with Genuine Contact. Being a Friend of GC is also for people who want to stay connected and be part of the GC community while continuing to learn more about the GC way of working.
  • Partner (Green): Deepen Your Connection – People who feel connected to Genuine Contact who have taken a minimum of 3 workshops, who want to participate in events, learn more and get benefits from your engagement. For people working the Genuine Contact Way (whether a little, a lot, or all you do) who want to sustain and increase your capacity in working with Genuine Contact.
  • Blue: Take Leadership – People who are deeply connected to and engaged in Genuine Contact who have taken a minimum of 5 workshops. Your work and/or life have deep roots in the Genuine Contact Way. You want to be a part of the Genuine Contact Organization and participate in leadership of development projects.
  • Steward (Co-Ownership): Guide into the Future – Authorized Genuine Contact Trainers are all eligible to become members of the Genuine Contact Co-Owners Group. These members take leadership for the Genuine Contact Organization. The Genuine Contact Co­-Owners’ Group Inc. is the steward of the GC Program and support members in growing Genuine Contact in the world.
  • Elder (Gold): Share Your Legacy – Members who have had 10+ years of contribution to the Genuine Contact Organization who are changing their phase of life and want to stay connected to the GCO and to provide a legacy group for people who have invested themselves, their time and energy to grow the use of Genuine Contact in the world and want to continue to grow and sustain the GCO, and by doing so are creating personal legacies of their contribution.

If you have loyalty points to use towards your membership, please contact the Director for more information about your registration.