Genuine Contact Friend membership badge. The badge is a circle with an outer ring that has the words "Genuine Contact Friend" in orange text on a white background and an inner circle with the Genuine Contact logo in it. The logo is a stylized letter G and C together on an orange background.
Friends of GC Membership (Orange)

Friends of Genuine Contact are a core group of members who want to learn more about and move into closer connection to the Genuine Contact way of working. Their support allows us to continue growing a strong community with meaningful engagement. Friends of GC represent the diverse global community in which we live and work.

 Annual Benefits:

  • Participation in our international email discussion forum to meet others and learn more about how they are working with Genuine Contact
  • Subscription to our newsletter with articles and special event invitations
  • Access to introductory resources about Genuine Contact
  • Invitation to our open meetings
  • Recognition on our Members Directory
  • access to a digital library for Learning About Genuine Contact
  • 10% members discount on many Genuine Contact program modules and specialized education offered by our members for working Genuine Contact Way
  • Member Badge to display on your website and marketing materials

Friends of Genuine Contact have taken at least 1 Genuine Contact program module and their first year of membership is included as part of their workshop registration*.
* A free year of membership is included when you take your first Genuine Contact program module. Ask your Trainer for details.

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