One Drop at a Time

One Drop at a Time

As facilitators, most of us have this desire to be able to work with many, many people.  To have large groups who can benefit from your knowledge and experience.

And, of course, those of us who work with Genuine Contact, have a great desire to make the Genuine Contact Program and way of life common knowledge around the world.


We want expansion, we want more clients, we want success with our work.  And expansion usually has this connotation of many people, right?  Many people learn, many people put into practice.  But… what if this expansion happens with many people and also with one person at a time.

I want to share my awareness of self-judging my success rate in terms of the number of people who I have trained in the GC modules.  It’s only recently that I’ve come to terms with the notion that whenever I post a public training, different things can happen:  many people register, no people register, ahhhh, only one person registers.

What to do if it’s only one person?

Just a few weeks ago I started a one-person training of the Advanced Skills Module 2 of the Genuine Contact Program, Whole Person Process Facilitation.  And it’s a challenge!  How do you convey the learning of group facilitation when you only have one person registered?  And so, I spent a few hours pondering on the right design.  I talked with the one participant to understand what her true needs are, and so the design of this training and a second one-person-only is very specific to the needs each one has.

Nevertheless, it is of absolute importance to always refer back to what would be done in a larger setting.  So there is a lot of imagination going on, a lot of visualization.  “Imagine we are sitting in a circle with a group of people… this is what we’d do”.  And it works!

So, an AHA moment for me is referring to one of our core beliefs in Genuine Contact. We believe that spirit or Spirit matters, that through spirit or Spirit, all of creation is connected, and that people are precious. I realize that it makes me truly happy to teach one-to-one Whole Person Facilitation Trainings.  It allows me to connect at a deeper level with participants, and already mentor them in their own processes.

So, it is with the certainty that sometimes a drop of ink can have a huge impact in the world, that I say let’s paint the world in the colors of being in genuine contact with ourselves and with others.  One drop can make a big difference in the world.


Image: courtesy of Dissolve, Ltd.


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