Five Beliefs of Genuine Contact

Five Beliefs of Genuine Contact

Birgitt Williams and Ward Williams designed the Genuine Contact™ program with simplicity in mind. The program focuses on attending to organizational health and balance as a foundation for organizational success. It uses meetings as a catalyst for organizations to develop as conscious, life-nourishing, interconnected creative organizations. Meetings are a catalyst for change. Management learns to manage differently. We call these organizations Genuine Contact Organizations. The process is organic so that every organization brings about its own unique change from within.

Along with these 5 beliefs, 11 components, key concepts and foundational givens inform the work of Genuine Contact Professionals around the world.

Beliefs of Genuine Contact

Within the Genuine Contact approach and program, we work from the following five foundational beliefs. We believe that:

  1. spirit or Spirit matters, that through spirit or Spirit, all of creation is connected, and that people are precious.
  2. every organism (including the organization) has within it the blueprint for its own optimal health and balance.
  3. focusing on genuine contact enables individuals and organizations to achieve the individual and organizational health and balance that is needed for optimal effectiveness. Positive change in the organization is directly linked to positive change in individuals. Both are required for sustainable new ways of working.
  4. in keeping it simple. Simple frameworks and processes enable success with complex situations. In keeping it simple, we recognize that any sustainable change must begin from the inside and cannot be externally initiated or driven.
  5. change with its accompanying loss, grief work, and conflict is constant. Organizations that develop mastery in working with change can sustain optimal effectiveness. These leaders and organizations recognize that change cannot be managed, that energy spent trying to manage change is wasted energy, and that productive use of individual and organizational energy is achieved by working with change rather than against it.

What This Means for Organizations

It isn’t necessary for organizations working with a Genuine Contact Professional to adopt these beliefs into your organizational culture. It’s also not necessary to become a Genuine Contact Organization to work with these beliefs.

What it does mean is that all GC Professionals will design the best processes to achieve your business goals with these beliefs in mind. Whether it’s a short project like meeting facilitation or a longer-term project like organizational transformation, these beliefs will inform the ways a GC Professional recommends the work gets done.  They do this work with the best possible outcomes in mind.

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