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Specializing in supporting small business, team and project start-up with a focus on building solid foundations for long-term success.

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Rachel Bolton works internationally with small business, project, and team leaders as a mentor and coach, with a focus on assisting them to build a solid foundation for optimal growth from a clear and inspired purpose, strategic vision, and appropriate structure for the business’ development.

Rachel believes that all leaders are inspired to their work to assist in fulfilling their life purpose, and her work within our holistic approach ensures this driving force is honored.

She works as a senior consultant at Dalar International Consultancy, lending her skills to meeting facilitation, strategic planning, leadership development, and organizational change work.  Through her work with Dalar, Rachel regularly facilitates Genuine Contact workshops, both in-person and online.

Rachel is the Director for the Genuine Contact Organization and Program, working together with the members of our organization to promote Genuine Contact around the world.

Why the Genuine Contact way of working?

Services Rooted in Genuine Contact

What services do you offer that are rooted in Genuine Contact?

As part of the consulting team at Dalar International Consultancy, Rachel offers:

  • Leadership development: We start with you where you are along your leadership development path, and work together with you to map out a customized leadership development plan using a holistic approach.
  • Team development: We always carry out team development as almost a by-product of focusing the team on a specific business goal that is important for you to accomplish.
  • Mentoring and coaching: Rachel is available to you as a thought partner so that you can process your difficult decisions and challenges with an outside objective strategic thinker who understands what leadership is about. She also helps you grow your capacity for leadership.
  • Meeting facilitation: Rachel and the Dalar International Consultancy team facilitate meetings for organizations needing to unearth data, creative ideas, and collaboration towards: strategic planning, developing new projects, project planning, organization development, and team development.
  • Training: Rachel and the Dalar International Consultancy team does training ensuring that the participant increases personal capacity to lead, engage, and excel in the culture of leadership that is needed in this performance environment of constant change.
  • Strategic Planning and Strategic Plan Refresh: Rachel and the Dalar International Consultancy team build in concepts and processes that help to ensure success with strategic planning and the annual strategic plan refresh. We also design our strategic planning process to be completed in a short time frame and take other measures to prevent strategic plan fatigue that is so prevalent in organizations today.
  • Problem-solving: Rachel and the Dalar International Consultancy team support your organization in achieving solutions more quickly and effectively. They engage your people to find solutions that are the best solutions for your organization.
  • Project turnaround: Rachel and the Dalar International Consultancy team have methods to help you with a rapid project turnaround if your project is not on target to meet its goals, or if the goals have been changed mid-project.
  • Organizational Change and Transformation: Rachel and the Dalar team specialize in organizational change and transformation. Birgitt mentors in-house change teams to get the job done. The team also takes on no more than two larger organizational change/transformation assignments annually, devoting their attention to a successful and rapid change process.

Genuine Contact Program Workshops

This Trainer offers the following workshops. Check out their website or our Upcoming Events page for details.
  • Path to Organizational Health and Balance
  • Achieving Organizational Health and Balance
  • Individual Health and Balance
  • Holistic Leadership Development
  • Working with Open Space Technology
  • Whole Person Process Facilitation
  • Cross Cultural Conflict Resolution
  • Genuine Contact Organization
  • Train the Trainer