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Organizational Consultant, Facilitator, and Mentor using the Genuine Contact way of working to tap into the potential of people and organizations in order to thrive in a turbulent world.

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Ever since I can remember I have been interested in people and how we work, learn and thrive together. Looking around me from a very young age, I was fascinated by what humans are able to accomplish. There is so much beauty, creativity, kindness and capacity within us when the conditions are right for people to tap into them. And there is also so much ugliness, pain, suffering and wasting of potential that arises when conditions are right for that.

This fascination and search for ways to unearth this positive potential has lead me down a varied path spanning several countries (The United States, Spain, France, and the Netherlands) and diving into many professions, including theatre, mass communication, organizational consulting and then to the Genuine Contact approach.

I encountered the Genuine Contact™ approach by taking the workshop Working with Open Space Technology, in 2001, I realized at that time that professionally and personally I have come home. I found an approach that elegantly taps into the human capacity to create conditions in which we as humans can thrive by creating life-nurturing processes, practices, structures and developing the conduct that enables people to work in ways that honor life and nature.

Currently, I work under my own name from Doris Gottlieb Consultant | Mentor working with organizations in change. I have worked with institutions of higher education in need of transforming the way they engage with their students and staff, with social justice organizations supporting their organizations to develop a healthy and balanced foundation or their work in spite of very challenging multi-stakeholder and social settings. I also have mentored leaders in a varied range of organizations as they discover their capacity for working with engaged organizations.

Over the course of my career, I have found it important and valuable to work as a leader and as such have worked as a board member in various professional organizations, including SIETAR Nederland, Group Relations Nederland and currently as a member of the Leadership Team of the Genuine Contact Program.

In addition to my work in-company, I am dedicated to offering the workshops of the Genuine Contact™ program in order to ensure that people in my region have access to both the tools and perspective offered by the Genuine Contact approach.

Why the Genuine Contact way of working?

Services Rooted in Genuine Contact

What services do you offer that are rooted in Genuine Contact?

Organizational Development - the Health and Balance Scan I do a great deal of bespoke organizational development work.  Often this development work starts from a diagnosis of the health and balance of the organization. 

Meeting Facilitation - Powerful and Effective Meetings - If you want to address a difficult or important problem in a group, the best tool you can have is a highly effective and participative meeting that gives you insights beyond anything that any one person could have.  These great meetings also form the connective tissue of an organization.  I facilitate all sorts of meetings using Whole Person Process Facilitation and I also work with Open Space Technology.

Leadership Mentoring - Develop the Conduct Necessary to Lead so that Others will Lead - I work one on one with people who want build their leadership capacity to work in and with change in their own lives and the lives of others.


Genuine Contact Program Workshops

This Trainer offers the following workshops. Check out their website or our Upcoming Events page for details.
  • Path to Organizational Health and Balance
  • Achieving Organizational Health and Balance
  • Individual Health and Balance
  • Working with Open Space Technology
  • Whole Person Process Facilitation
  • Cross Cultural Conflict Resolution
  • Genuine Contact Organization
  • Train the Trainer


Doris Gottlieb Consultant Facilitator Mentor
English, Spanish, Dutch