Grief Cycle As Part of Transformation

Lea este post en español. Enter into a contract with a facilitator who is skilled not only in facilitating a Whole Person Process facilitated meeting but also in working with WPPF for the longer-term benefit of your organization from even a single meeting. The contract will include provisions for a planning meeting, … Read More

Moving forward in times of complicated grief

Complex times can mean complex grief. The world as we know it is changing. It’s changing rapidly. Every day brings new changes, new loss, new normal that needs adjusting to. It needs adjusting to at a speed that is faster than most of us are comfortable with. Just when you … Read More

The Impact of Grief at Work

Change Is Always Accompanied by Loss Initiating the Healing Cycle of Grief Work Grief work is part of everyday life. Change is constant and change is always accompanied by loss. When there is loss, the human being goes through a cycle of grieving before being able to move on to … Read More