Holistic Leadership – Connecting Through the Interstices

Some say holistic is something that comes from New Age, some kind of spiritual fluff that does not belong together with leadership. This is not correct. Others say that holistic is a modern trend that organizations who want to be in the forefront better adjust to. This is not correct … Read More

La Necesidad de Reflexionar

  Ahora que las festividades navideñas han terminado y que el invierno llega con todo su fuerza para los que vivimos en el hemisferio norte, me gustaría reflexionar un poco sobre la necesidad de reflexionar. No estoy familiarizada con las festividades de fin de año en las diferentes zonas del … Read More

The Need to Reflect

Now that the Christmas festivities are over, and winter comes full blast for those of us in the Northern hemisphere, I would like to reflect a little about the importance of reflection time.  I’m not familiar with the year-end festivities in the many different zones in the world, but I … Read More

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