Coaching the Genuine Contact Way: Self-Study Program

Genuine Contact offers a holistic container that can strengthen your coaching processes and outcomes no matter what coaching methods you prefer to use. In this half-day online workshop, you will learn 3 simple tools for:

  • Co-creating a coaching container that already empowers the client to take leadership in their work with you and in achieving their personal and professional goals.
  • Customizing your coaching program to best support the client in achieving their development goal with the Six Level Evolutionary Spiral.
  • Regaining and regenerating personal balance through the four dimensions of personal wellbeing.

Whether you are new to coaching or have been a coach for some time, you will be able to begin using these tools immediately in your coaching processes.  The tools are beneficial for use in coaching whether coaching is your profession or you are a leader within an organization coaching employees in achieving their goals.

Self-Study Program Materials

Preparing for Your Learning

Getting ready for your learning might not be something you’ve thought much about before. We believe taking some time before starting a workshop to get in touch with your personal readiness for learning is an important way to set the foundation for focusing and deepening your learning for the best possible outcomes.

To prepare for your learning in this online workshop, please complete the pre-work found here.

This segment guides you through a simple exercise to focus your intention for the workshop.  The video is 24 minutes and will take approximately 1 hour to view and complete the exercises. Please complete this before beginning to work with the program materials.

Program Materials

You can find the materials here:

As you are completing this self-study program, we highly recommend that you pause the audio recording to do the activities that the participants did during the workshop.  When doing these activities, allow yourself as much time (or more!) to complete the exercises in order to get the best benefit of your learning.

Your Facilitators

Birgitt Williams, Genuine Contact Co-Owner & Co-Creator Birgitt Williams, as one of the creators of the Genuine Contact program, has skilfully facilitated the Genuine Contact program workshops since 1990 as they were being created, tested, researched for effect, and developed into what became the Genuine Contact program. As a Senior Consultant at Dalar International Consultancy, Birgitt brings her unique skills in assisting people to access their full intelligence. Birgitt is passionate about assisting individuals and organizations of individuals in shifting consciousness to achieve breakthroughs.
Rachel Bolton, Program Director Rachel Bolton has worked with clients around the world, assisting each person in creating a unique understanding of their personal state of health and balance, and developing a plan for achieving and sustaining optimum health based on their specific goals. Rachel has also been a part of the team at Dalar since 1999 and has been facilitating Genuine Contact workshops since 2010. Her unique blend of coaching and Genuine Contact training bring high-level insight and practical suggestions.

Genuine Contact Specialty Series

This online workshop is part of the Genuine Contact Specialty Series. Each program in this series is designed to showcase an original application of Genuine Contact as developed by Genuine Contact professionals. Genuine Contact provides a blended, synergistic, holistic approach to change and to leadership. It is not about a big quick splash, but rather about developing the skills, knowledge, and capacity to sustain the ongoing organizational change necessary to thrive in today’s constantly changing, complex times.

The Genuine Contact Program and all of its applications are used around the world in the private sector, non-profit sector, development agencies, health and social services, and in organizations of all types.