The Orientation to the Strategic Plan Refresh was held on October 5 and 7, 2020. If you missed these sessions or want to review your learning prior to participating in our next steps, you've come to the right place!

During the session, we opened the Whole Person Process Facilitation container for this whole strategic plan refresh process.  Participants were oriented to all of the parts of the work we are doing during this process to develop a clear picture of our process and a sneak peak into what strategic planning the Genuine Contact way looks like. The process was designed to help you better understand how the contributions you might make in the other parts of the process will fit into the bigger picture.

Orientation Self-Study

Your orientation self-study includes 3 components.  You can listen to the recording of the October 5 session on this page. This real-time session was designed with you in mind. The recording is approximately 97 minutes long. We suggest you use the accompanying guidebook to support your learning. Take the time to pause and complete the recommended activities before you continue listening to the insights and feedback provided by the participants. You can play, pause, and jump forward or backward in the recording as needed.  The entire orientation will take approximately 2 hours to complete.

If you do this orientation for yourself, the Strategic Plan Refresh Team would love to hear from you.  Please share your feedback with us at pd@genuinecontact.net. What are your hopes and fears? What do you need for this process to be successful? What were your reflections about the strategy focused organization?

When you've completed your self orientation, you may wish to also read the Full Report from the Orientation Sessions. How do your reflections and experiences align with those in the 2 groups? How do they differ?

What's Next

Now that you're oriented to our strategic plan refresh process, join us for the next steps!

There are 3 additional opportunities to participate in whole system collaborative meetings between October 12 and November 13, 2020 that will contribute to the development of our updated operating matrix and refreshed strategic plan.  You can RSVP here to receive login details for the sessions you wish to participate in. And remember to bookmark the Strategic Plan Refresh Information Centre to stay up to date on all of what’s happening within this process.