A Holistic Approach to Organizational Success

Leaders, executives, and managers know that these are extraordinary times to be in business.  Rapid global change, pressures to be more transparent and more socially and environmentally responsible all while creating an organizational culture in which people like coming to work and get the job done.  The stakes are high if you're going to not just survive, but thrive.

Genuine Contact Supports Organizations to Thrive

The Genuine Contact way of working offers you simple and powerful frameworks and processes that support organizations in becoming highly successful by nurturing a culture of leadership and at the same time sustaining their health and balance.

Using effective meeting facilitation as a catalyst for change, skill and capacity building through a series of workshops, and mentoring circles for peer to peer learning and learning retention, Genuine Contact Professionals around the world support you to achieve your business goals.

Thinking About Your Organization, How Would You Answer the Following?



Does your organization have well-known strategies for achieving your business goals?  Are you working towards them every day?

Solution Focused

Solution Focused

When business challenges arise, are your teams problem focused or solution focused?

Thriving in Change


Do you have a strategy that you attend to regularly for thriving in change?



Are your people productive and engaged in their work? Do they understand how their role contributes to the bigger picture?

Organizational Culture

Organizational Culture

Do you experience your organizational culture as life-nurturing or life-depleting? What would a more life-nurturing culture look like?

How We Help

Independent members of Genuine Contact around the world work as consultants, facilitators, coaches and mentors supporting you to achieve your business goals. Find a member near you to learn what services they offer. Here are just a few ways we can help:

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