Summer Special Edition GC Power Hour

GC Power Hour open to all!

This summer we are opening the doors for everyone interested in working the Genuine Contact way. The GC Power Hour is a 60-minute call, time to work side-by-side or ask for mentoring for your own work.

In this Special Summer Edition, we incorporate “Let’s talk sessions” into the regular Power Hour. In these sessions, you can find out about the benefits of being a GC member, do a Treasure Hunt in the GC resources, learn and laugh together.

Be prepared to be surprised – you might find a treasure!

Meet Genuine Contact colleagues from around the world.

This is a unique opportunity to join the GC Power Hour – a privilege that usually only GC Members have. 

There will be 2 different time slots offered for each GC POWER HOUR:
  • Time 1: 9 am CEST/ 12.30 pm IST
  • Time 2: 11 am EDT / 5 pm CEST / 8.30 pm IST


July 22 // Let’s talk about the benefits of being a member!

Summer Special: Let’s talk about the Genuine Contact membership. What do I want from my membership? What benefits would be worth my time and money? Talk to Eiwor Backelund Jacobsson about what’s in a GC Membership for you.

August 2 // Let’s talk about your access to GC resources!

Summer Special: Let’s talk about the Genuine Contact Resources. Are you aware of how much you can find in the online library, that could make your work easier? Take the Treasure Hunt with Anna Caroline Türk, who will show you how to access the rich collection of resources we offer to you for free.

August 12 // Let’s talk about the benefits of applying parts of the GC!

Summer Special: Let’s talk about how to apply Genuine Contact in my work a little piece at a time. Even when we can’t use the full program, everything we bring with us to our work and life will make a difference. Talk with Doris Gottlieb and Eiwor Backelund Jacobsson about different ways to apply the GC approach.


August 23 // Let’s do some networking! 

Summer Special: Let’s talk about and do some networking in GC “Networking and Community Building”. Collaborate with new colleagues on interesting themes to develop the capacity you need at work. Doris Gottlieb from the Leadership Management Team will be there to support your networking.


Join us this Summer and bring a friend for a fun 60 minutes GC Power Hour!