Genuine Contact Supporter membership badge. The badge is a circle with an outer ring that has the words "Genuine Contact Supporter" in black text on a white background and an inner circle with the Genuine Contact logo in it. The logo is a stylized letter G and C together on a black background.
Supporter of GC Member (White)

The Supporter of Genuine Contact membership group is perfect for those who have been recently introduced to Genuine Contact and are interested in learning more about the Genuine Contact way of working. Get started in your explorations with:

  • Participation in our international email discussion forum to meet others and learn more about how they are working with Genuine Contact
  • Subscription to our newsletter with articles and special event invitations
  • Access to introductory resources about Genuine Contact
  • Invitation to our open meetings

Supporter members do not need to have any previous experience with Genuine Contact. This free membership group is open to anyone with an interest in learning more about Genuine Contact.

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