Coaching the Genuine Contact Way
Coaching the Genuine Contact Way (Self-Study Program)

Genuine Contact offers a holistic container that can strengthen your coaching processes and outcomes no matter what coaching methods you prefer to use. In this half-day online workshop, you will learn 3 simple tools for:

  • Co-creating a coaching container that already empowers the client to take leadership in their work with you.
  • Customizing your coaching program to best support the client in achieving their development goal with the Six Level Evolutionary Spiral.
  • Regaining and regenerating personal balance through the four dimensions of personal wellbeing.

Whether you are new to coaching or have been a coach for some time, you will be able to begin using these tools immediately in your coaching processes.  The tools are beneficial for use in coaching whether coaching is your profession or you are a leader within an organization coaching employees in achieving their goals.

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