Dear all,

we (Doris and Anna Caroline) have created a GC Podcast, where we are celebrating 20 years of the genuine contact way of working. 


During our podcast, we want to ask you how you apply the genuine contact way of working within your different cultural contexts and work environments. And we want to explore the key beliefs and concepts of the Genuine Contact approach to find out what difference they make in your professional practice and daily life.

We are very excited to have these conversations with you!   

Right now we are planning to have these conversations broadcast in chronological order – starting with those who got to know Genuine Contact in the early days and finishing off with those of you, who just started to work with Genuine Contact recently. 

All of these conversations will be super valuable to our listeners – and don’t worry – you don’t have to showcase any of your clients or projects – we will have conversations about your way of showing up in the world as a human being – which may include your work – but is not limited to it.

Here Are The Steps To Get Involved:

  1. Send us a Mail and let us know you’re in – a simple “I am in for the Podcast” message is enough.
  2. We will contact you to schedule a date for the podcast recording 
  3. Before our meeting – fill in this questionnaire with as much information as you can come up with
  4. Plan 2 hours for our Podcast session on Zoom (We’ll send you the link) – The first hour we’ll transfer In and talk about your replies to the questionnaire – without recording. Then we’ll record our conversation which will be up to 40 minutes. Afterward, we’ll have a (not recorded) closing circle among the three of us
  5. We will take care of the distribution of the Podcast. We’ll also share/ tag your profile – if you agree and promote the conversation on Social Media

Please let us know if you are agreeing to be on our Podcast – Send us a Mail and let us know you’re in – a simple “I am in for the Podcast” message is enough 

much Love,
Anna Caroline & Doris 

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Doris Gottlieb  –