How do you take care of your health and balance?

Friday, October 20th is International Health and Balance Day. This is a global GC initiative to encourage individuals and organizations to pause and raise awareness of the importance of health and balance in everyday life and in business.

Our world is increasingly calling on each of us to be of service—to explore our interconnectedness and interrelatedness. To be able to show up and be present to this call, we need to deepen our genuine contact with ourselves, with each other, and with the groups and organizations we are part of. True health and full integrity spring from within. They are the personal resources we need to be effective and successful in all areas of life and in all our endeavors.

International Health & Balance Day was founded by a group of people working to develop health and balance in organizations. This day, we pause, think, and act to take care of ourselves, so we are able to be of help and support to others. We invite you to do the same!

Take some time for yourself today and reflect on where your life is going. What do you want to do with your life? Do you have a good balance between things that give you energy, joy and fulfillment and things you ‘have to’ do? How many of your “must do’s” can you take away without creating the end of the world? How long has it been since you spoke a word for your ideals or took even a small step towards a dream?

When we find ourselves constantly using our energy on things we actually don’t want to do, don’t like, or don’t find meaning in–that can literally make us sick. Similar things happen in organizations. The most important thing in an organization is what can’t be seen–the climate or the spirit. It impacts the people within it more than you realize. Are you spending more time in life-depleting or life-affirming environments? (And that includes your mental environment!)

We invite you to take even a few minutes on October 20th to reflect on the health and balance in your life. What one small thing could you do on International Health and Balance Day to be good to yourself?