Achieving Organizational Health and Balance (Foundational Module 2)


21 April, 2023 - 12 May, 2023    
9:00 am EDT - 1:00 pm EDT


Birgitt Williams and Rachel Bolton, Dalar International Consultancy


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Imagine knowing a simple way to diagnose the health and balance (well being) of your team or organization, and applying this knowledge on a regular basis. Yes, you can apply this knowledge from within the organization to develop baseline data about health and balance (wellness), and monitor progress over time. Further, the best plans for regenerating the health and balance of an organization are those that involve the people of the organization in the development of the plan. You will be equipped to help your people develop a regeneration plan as well as to develop plans for annual adjustments back to health and balance as needed. This leadership development and capacity development is valuable for helping your organization maintain agility, flexibility and resiliency. All of which is needed for thriving in today’s performance environment of constant change.

If you want to develop a culture of leadership, this knowledge is essential.

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