Genuine Contact Mentoring Circle

An integral part of the Genuine Contact way of working is mentoring for ongoing professional and personal development. It is one of the 11 essential components of the Genuine Contact Program. Mentoring is underpinned by key concepts and beliefs of Genuine Contact including:

  • working with the blueprint for health that is present in every organization
  • using meetings as a catalyst for organizational success
  • developing systems for sustaining organizational health and balance that is needed for optimal effectiveness
  • working with the belief that change is constant and that ongoing mentoring is one way to develop mastery at working with change
  • opportunities for Genuine Contact in all relationships

We offer to mentor within our Genuine Contact community as a forum to learn the art of mentoring and to “walk the talk of mentoring” for both individuals and organizations. Through mentoring, we can all improve our own skills and practices as Genuine Contact professionals. Mentoring circles have been held regularly within the Genuine Contact community since their beginning in North Carolina, USA in 2001. They include an ongoing international mentoring circle online as well as both regional and international events.

Mentoring Opportunities within the Genuine Contact Community

A variety of mentoring opportunities are offered within our Genuine Contact Organization.  Many mentoring opportunities are available to anyone interested in Genuine Contact.  Some have pre-requisite workshop participation as a requirement when the mentoring is focused on a specific skill set or focus.

  • Ongoing International Mentoring Circle for those interested in Genuine Contact - this online mentoring circle has been going since September 2001 and is a place to mentor and be mentored by others interested in Genuine Contact around the world.  Join us here.
  • In Person Mentoring Circles - regional and international mentoring circles are offered throughout the year.
  • Online Mentoring Circles - online mentoring circles are offered by some of our Trainers for specific languages, geographic regions, or for those who have taken specific workshops to continue learning together in how to work with modules of Genuine Contact more deeply. Contact us to find out more about mentoring circles that may be of benefit to you.
  • Individual and small group Mentoring Sessions – ad hoc and selforganized