In your enterprise you might experience one the following:

  • You do not have the competitive edge that your competitors seem to have and they seem to be more creative, more efficient and more successful
  • You are not sure if you have the appropriate structures for your successful future
  • Your people do not appear to be as interested in success as you are
  • There is low morale in your organization, you’ve done everything you know how to increase it, and still there is something wrong – you just can’t seem to put your finger on it.
  • You know that you have hired all the right people and, with all the potential available in your organization, there are still areas which could be more efficient
  • You see that there are many other possibilities for growth and a better climate amongst your people
  • And possibly sometimes you are distressed because your job consumes all your time and energy and your private and family life suffers from this


Where do I begin?

  • See where your organization stands by trying a simple self-evaluation of your organization.
  • Contact a Genuine Contact professional situated nearby.
  • Hire a Genuine Contact professional or team of professionals to work with you as a coach[es] or mentor[s] or to facilitate a meeting in your organization.


Organizational Development with the Genuine Contact Program

We offer in-house trainings where leaders will be able to grow and build their own capacities for leadership and organizational developments in a complete systems-thinking way:

  • Foundations – these workshops will change how you approach change in your organization
  • Skill Building – these will build capacity in your organization to hold effective meetings where the individuals in the organization are energized, engaged and working to optimum success.


Ongoing learning

  • Join our global community discussions by taking part in our mentoring.