What Happens When We Acknowledge That Humans Are Actually Good at Change?

Throughout my life, I have taken for granted that people are bad at change. The thought is so prevalent it has become cliché. When I began my career as an organizational trainer and later as a consultant, the idea that people are change-phobic and change inadequate was taken for granted. … Read More

Leaders and leadership are a key to success

When an organization is going through a transformation process, it is to a large extent the leaders and the leadership that will determine if this change will be successful or not.  Leaders because they have great power to impact the organization by the way they are leading. Leadership, the approach, … Read More

The Art of Leadership

Sometimes we talk about leadership as an art and people agree and say ”yes, of course” but what is it that they actually agree with? What is leadership, what is art and what is the art of leadership? A Culture of Leadership Within Genuine Contact, we speak about a culture … Read More

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