The Discipline of Joy

Quick, picture a moment of joy. If your mental picture is anything like a google search, odds are it is children doing something that brings great joy. Playing with a sparkler, holding a bunch of balloons, or something else filled with childhood joy. It’s seen as some kind of right … Read More

What Does It Mean to Be A Human Being in The Role of a Leader?

I was a curious little girl and always wondering “what does it mean to be a human being”? Possibly like all children, all over the world, I admired my parents. I thought they knew what it means to be human. So I watched them, copied their behavior and tried to … Read More

Flying Solo in Genuine Contact

When I met Ward and Birgitt Williams back in 2006 I was immediately intrigued.  It was at a meeting of the International Institute for Global Leadership in the mountains of Asheville, NC and they talked about Genuine Contact (GC). It just sounded right, even if I was not completely clear … Read More

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