Episode 5: Leading the Genuine Contact way you’re never alone with Eiwor Backelund Jacobsson

“Everybody needs an Eiwor” – in this episode, we talk with Eiwor Backelund Jacobsson from West Sweden. She has been in many leadership positions applying the Genuine Contact way of leading and working. She shares with us the highlights of her journey – she has been committed to Genuine Contact from … Read More

Holistic Leadership – Connecting Through the Interstices

Some say holistic is something that comes from New Age, some kind of spiritual fluff that does not belong together with leadership. This is not correct. Others say that holistic is a modern trend that organizations who want to be in the forefront better adjust to. This is not correct … Read More

The Art of Leadership

Sometimes we talk about leadership as an art and people agree and say ”yes, of course” but what is it that they actually agree with? What is leadership, what is art and what is the art of leadership? A Culture of Leadership Within Genuine Contact, we speak about a culture … Read More

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