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Birgitt Williams and Rachel Bolton are the lead trainers at Dalar International Consultancy.

Birgitt WilliamsBirgitt Williams

Birgitt Williams is author of the book The Genuine Contact Way: Nourishing a Culture of Leadership. As a co-founder of the Genuine Contact program, she authored the workbooks for eight of the modules. With her partner Ward Williams, they launched the Genuine Contact program, a holistic approach to organizational success in 1999, graduated the first group of authorized Genuine Contact trainers in 2001, and offered the Genuine Contact program for Co-ownership in 2006. Birgitt ‘s work at present is focused on mentoring in-house teams in transforming their organizations. The organization who work with her are committed to creating, nourishing, and sustaining a culture of leadership. Birgitt also takes great pleasure in mentoring consultants and coaches who have been trained in using the holistic approach, the Genuine Contact program. A core belief of the Genuine Contact program that has been a guiding light for Birgitt is that the blueprint for optimal health and well being is always in the living organism, including the organization. She experiences her work as helping leaders and their organizations figure out the right solutions for themselves, and trusting that they have the wisdom to do so.

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Rachel Bolton, Program Director

Rachel Bolton

As well as being a senior consultant and facilitator with Dalar International Consultancy, Rachel Bolton is the Director of the international Genuine Contact Organization. In this role, she supports members of the organization to increase their capacity in the Genuine Contact way of working and in spreading Genuine Contact worldwide. Rachel carries out her work based on the Genuine Contact holistic approach in her coaching, meeting facilitation, strategic planning, leadership development, and organizational development. Rachel is a co-author with Birgitt Williams for chapters in the Story Cookbook: Practical Recipes for Change as well as for the Library of Collaborative Change.

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Learning with Us

Most of our learning modules are offered online allowing you to join us from wherever you in the world. Each module is offered as  a complete and robust stand-alone learning opportunity. We also offer them in combination in the following learning streams to support you in achieving your professional development goals.  These streams focus on:

  • Next Level Leadership
  • Developing Self as a Leader
  • Developing Leadership for Meetings
  • Developing Leadership for Processes
  • Developing Leadership for Organizational Sustainability

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Upgrade Yourself and Your Organization to the Next Step in Leadership…Leading So People Will Lead

We specialize in developing leaders, teams and organization for the new leadership paradigm of “leading so people will lead”.

We invite you to consider the importance of this new leadership paradigm for yourself and for your organization. Many jobs today require people to use leadership skills to get the job done…think of the leadership needed every day by customer service, IT, health service, and workers in specialty knowledge areas. Think of how important it is to support these leadership skills within a leadership paradigm in your culture of “leading so people will lead”.

This upgrade to the next step in leadership will benefit you and your organization as you commit to creating greater responsiveness, agility and flexibility in your organization. The resulting greater resilience is essential for the organization to quickly overcome challenges and make the most of opportunities as they present themselves. People will have a better understanding of the authority that they have to carry out their responsibilities, a critical dynamic in best performance of individuals and of teams.

Accomplishing the next step in leadership development supports you in creating and nourishing a culture of leadership…underpinning the performance of your whole organization.

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